Join the Shoalhaven Virtual Power Plant and have a solar battery system installed for no upfront costs.

Sell your extra power to your neighbours. Get paid 10-20x more than the regular feed-in under high grid demand. Charge your battery for free. Keep your lights on during blackouts.
And it’s all local here in the Shoalhaven!

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What is a virtual power plant?

If you live in the Shoalhaven and have an eligible solar and battery system (don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, our program allows you to get connected for no upfront cost), you are able to access the Shoalhaven VPP and benefit from the ability to sell your excess power during peak demand times – significantly improving your return on your investment.

Basically, the energy grid is getting more and more unstable by the day.  There are times when everyone is using all the power available at once and shortages are created.  Thats where you come in.  By allowing our innovative artificial intelligence powered software to access your battery, we are able to trade your power for you and sell it back into the grid for a profit – sometimes 10-20x more than what you buy power for.

But wait, there’s more. Sometimes during the middle of the day, power prices actually become free.  We can automatically start filling your battery for free during these events.

This means that you can pay back your solar and battery system at a significantly faster rate, while also making money along the way.

We will never drain your battery before you need it as we look at your energy usage habits to ensure we get you the best possible result and minimise your grid reliance entirely.

One last benefit: all of our battery systems come with an emergency backup power circuit that during blackouts, the lights stay on and the fridge cold.

 No solar or a battery yet?

No problem. We can find you the perfect solar and battery combination that is able to seamlessly integrate into the virtual power plant – and best of all, it won’t cost you a cent upfront through our government solar and battery program.

Solar with no battery?

We can install an approved battery that connects to your existing solar system and allows you to access the virtual power plant.  Check your home eligibility and we will get in touch to assess your existing systems suitability.

Want to know what it’s like joining the Shoalhaven Virtual Power Plant?

Why solar alone isn’t enough

Solar has been an excellent investment for many people over the last ten years.  However the primary pitfall for solar is that you must either a) be home during the day to use it, or b) receive a large enough feed in tariff to off-set your night time usage.

Due to the massive up-take in solar, the Government are now proposing feed in taxes for those sending large amounts of solar back into the grid during the day.  This makes solar alone no longer enough for many people who use the majority of their power in the evening.

Second to this, many homeowners are finding that their solar systems are shutting down during the middle of the day due to massive grid congestion, meaning that they receive absolutely nothing while the sun is shining.

Instead of this, our solar battery system captures and stores this power during the day for you to use during the evening, and when the price of power increases during peak demand times, we will automatically start selling back to the grid and generating profits for you.

Due to significant advances in battery technology and cost reductions in manufacturing, a solar and battery combination connected to our local virtual power plant is now the most effective way to eliminate your energy bills for good. That cash goes straight back into your pocket.  Not only that, but you also get several other benefits that solar alone cannot provide, such as an emergency backup power circuit.  Many homeowners find that this benefit alone warrants the decision to install a solar battery system with the Shoalhaven Virtual Power Plant!

Our solar and battery installation partners

Our mission is to ensure that Shoalhaven homeowners are able to consistently and predicatibly save money on their energy bill by using the virtual power plant.  An essential part to this is in ensuring that our installation partners are fully licensed and accredited and meet our rigorous quality standards that our customers deserve. 

We believe in keeping the work local here in the Shoalhaven. It’s just the right thing to do. But it also means that there is accountability across the board, and support is never far away.

Our primary installation partner has averaged over 4.8 stars from 56+ verified Google Reviews within the last 6 months.


from over 56+ reviews

Imagine, no more power bills

As power prices soar and daily living expenses climb, there has been no better time than now to take advantage of our unique offer.  Access solar and batteries in an affordable way that ensures your power bills become power credits.

How do we achieve this?

Our innovative energy trading platform we utilise allows us to forecast future power prices and household power consumption.  That means that we know the perfect times to discharge your battery for the maximum profit – meaning you make the most money possible.  It also means that if you do need power from the grid, you can access one of the cheapest rates available on the market.

Charge your battery for FREE

During certain market conditions your battery is able to be recharged for free. If negative power prices are detected on the energy market, a signal is sent to your battery via our software that allows the battery to charge itself up.  Meaning you get completely free power for use later in the evening when you need it.

Exclusive 45c Feed In Tariff

Most energy retailers offer a low feed in tariff for exported power of 7c per kilowatt-hour.  Using the Shoalhaven Virtual Power Plant, your excess solar is paid out at massive 45c/kWhr for the first 300kWhrs per quarter, and then 25c/kWhr for the next 300kWhrs and 9c/kWhr thereafter. This is paid in addition to those highly profitable events where we sell the energy from your battery on your behalf. So you essentially get to double dip on the benefits!

This is why the future of renewable energy is with us.

We are the proud distributor of Tindo Solar – The Great Australian Made Solar Panel